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Selling Real Estate requires requires the right combination of strategic marketing, attention to detail, & execution. If your considering to sell your home, I can very thoroughly show you how I have been marketing homes since 2005 and selling them for peak prices. I have a strong background in construction and renovating homes and always guide my sellers to make a smart decision when it comes to upgrading certain features of the home which will be impactful when negotiating a successful sale.

Common Mistakes Made While Selling

Mistake #1: Not Showcasing Your Home in the Best Light:

Your home should look already welcoming and liveable for the next residents. Invite the clients to picture what their home could look like. 

Mistake #2: Setting the Wrong Price:

A high listing price will cause buyers to lose interest quickly, while a low price will have buyers asking what's wrong with the property. In general, your property should be priced according to its value on the market. 

Mistake #3: Selling Too Aggressively:

Because people take lots of time and weigh many pros and cons when deciding their home, it's not an easily persuadable decision. The best agents try to be as helpful as possible and give clients plenty of time to and options to decide on the home that's most valuable to them at the end of the day. 

Mistake #4: Ineffective Marketing:

Your real estate agent should have the skills to employ proper marketing strategies to get your home advertised. As most prospective buyers use the internet when searching for a property, make sure your agent is utilizing online resources to attract buyers. 

Mistake #5: Signing a Contract Without Knowing the Full Details:

Hopefully you take your time to pick the right real estate agent. As circumstances often change, before signing, make sure you are not bound by contract to that realtor. You should know the exact terms of the contract, so in the circumstances where you want to find another agent, you can avoid harsh penalties. 

Mistake #6: Trying to Sell to “Window Shoppers”:

Many people are simply scouting or on the lookout for homes rather than actively pursuing a new purchase within the next new months. As a result, it's important to read the signs and know that there is no need to sell aggressively to the windows shoppers at all. Rather, keep them engaged and curious so that when they do come back down the line, they may remember you. 
The Best Impression

Small improvements to your home greatly increase the perceived value of your property. Freshen up the interior and exterior of your home before putting it on the market! 


  • Keep your lawn cut 
  • Weed and edge gardens 
  • Keep your driveway clear 
  • Clean out garage 
  • Do small paint touch ups 
  • Clean porch 


  • Clean bathrooms 
  • Clean appliances 
  • Clean around heating vents 
  • Clean washer and dryer 
  • Clean carpets 
  • Eliminate odors and stains 

Creating Space 

  • Clear halls and closets 
  • Store away excess furniture 
  • Clear kitchen counter and stove top 
  • Remove boxes and containers 
  • Put away personal photos - this helps the buyer envision the home as their own! 


  • Repair taps and toilets 
  • Clean furnace and filters 
  • Repair cracked plaster 
  • Repair seals around tubs and basins
Home Staging That Wows
Sometimes home staging could be complicated, but it's easy to figure out once you check off the basics. 
We've put together a list that will help you stage your home to look amazing for clients! 
  • Get rid of clutter 
  • Highlight the most visible areas in your home (kitchen, living room, master suite, family room etc) 
  • Put away large items to create more space 
  • Water your grass and garden to make your lawn sparkle 
  • Decorate the house with attractive decor, paintings, and fresh flowers 
  • Uses mirrors to help small rooms look more open 
  • Use as much natural light as possible 
  • Make repairs to squeaking faucets, doors, and fences 
Moving Checklist

30 – 45 Days Prior to Move:

Call a professional moving company to schedule an appointment for a Free, written estimate for local and long distance moves. Booking early ensures availability for peak periods. Peak periods include all month ends, and from May through to end of August. Did you know June  30th is usually the busiest moving day of the year?

30 Days Prior:

  • Notify your insurance agent to ensure continued coverage from previous address to new address.
  • Notify Utility Companies for disconnection and reconnection of Hydro, Gas, Cable, Internet, Telephone
  • Contact for a permanent change of address. All your mail gets redirected to your new address for 6 months, for a fee
  • Notify your gardener and other home care professionals
  • If packing up yourself, order your packing materials from Edgemont Moving and start packing
  • Hold a garage sale and/or take surplus items to charities such as the Salvation Army store.

2 Weeks Prior:

  • Donate or dispose of all items you are not moving
  • Empty all attic spaces or crawl spaces into accessible areas for the movers
  • Clean and organize outdoor sheds and storage areas. Bundle long handled tools and arrange other transport for chemicals, fertilizers, flammable products (gasoline & propane) and paint

1 Week Prior:

  • Finish packing boxes (if packing yourself)
  • If you have arranged for a professional pack, organize “personal junk” drawers, cupboards, closets and garage for an efficient pack
  • Arrange for a babysitter on move day for children and/or pets if necessary.

Day Before Move:

  • Reconfirm your move details with Edgemont Moving. Our Dispatcher will call you at least one day prior
  • Empty your freezer and refrigerator into coolers or containers for transportation
  • Pack “first night” boxes or suitcases with essentials you need – “Load Last/Unload First” boxes
  • Pack your personal items including jewelry, important documents etc. and move these yourself
  • Have form of payment handy. Personal cheques, cash or credit card if prearranged

Day of Move:

  • Strip your beds and finish packing personal items in to “Load Last/Unload First” boxes
  • Keep your vacuum cleaner and last minute cleaning items handy
  • Make sure you or someone is present for the moving crew to answer their questions, and to walk through your home prior to loading and to be there throughout the move.
  • When your home is empty, walk through the home with the driver and moving crew to ensure that all rooms have been attended to and all outdoor items such as ladders and yard items have been loaded on to the truck. Make sure the home is locked up.
  • Provide any specific directions to the driver for access to your new home.
  • Verify contact cell numbers before you and the driver leave for your residence together.
  • Direct the movers where you want all the items placed. Enjoy your new home!
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